Behind the Makeup

Courtney first got interested in makeup when an artist gave her a continuity chart that demonstrated how to apply eye shadow back in 2001. With such an early interest, she knew that she wanted to attend makeup school; however, she and her parents agreed that she must attend College before following her true passion. Thus, Courtney attended Washington and Jefferson College in 2007 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in both Art and Psychology. Her degrees have provided a strong foundation in the makeup industry because of the extensive training in color theory, highlight and shadowing, and honed her fine motor skills. Psychology has further taught her to understand the dynamics behind human interaction, communication, and how to relate to others which is a pertinent skill in the makeup industry. Courtney’s degrees, combined with 420 hours of intensive training at the prestigious Makeup Designory School in New York City, makes her a well-rounded powerhouse.

Currently, Courtney is doing freelance work in the Pittsburgh area. She is continuing to build her clientele, develop her skills, and is turning her passion into a successful career.


” My mission is to empower women by providing makeup services to help them to not only look beautiful, but to feel beautiful as well. I want my clients to discover a new sense of confidence that will promote their overall self-esteem.”

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